Environmental group decries advance of SB 186 


Editor's Note: At 1:16 p.m. on Tuesday, NUVO received that following statement from the Hoosier Environmental Council on the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee's approval of Senate Bill 186:

"Hoosiers who understand that the role of our government is to protect equal rights, justice, quality of life, and economic opportunities for all people should be very concerned about SB 186. As demonstrated by the small farmers, rural landowners, and consumer, animal welfare, & environmental organizations who testified in opposition today, SB 186 would effectively shield big agri-businesses from liability by providing a 'legal right' to engage in controversial and harmful industry practices regardless of the harm those practices cause. The Hoosier Environmental Council believes that SB 186 should not have advanced out of committee, as legislative leadership and lawyer-legislators need to understand the great risks SB 186 poses to treating Hoosiers equally under the law."

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