Election Day Fast Facts for Marion County 

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Some Election Day Fast Facts for Marion County, Indiana from Marion County Clerk Beth White's Office:

Marion County Registered Voters: 603,875

- About 6,730 Marion County residents newly registered since the November 2010 general election.

- October 11 was the voter registration deadline in Indiana

Total Number of Precincts: 590

Total Number of Polling Locations: 316

- Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Indianapolis/Marion County

- If voters are in the chute (a defined area at least 50 feet from the voting activity) at 6 p.m., they must be permitted to vote.

Absentee Numbers (as of 12:45 pm, Monday, November 7)

- Total Absentee ballots: 18,766

- Early In-Person Voters: 8,709

- Traveling Board & fax/email (military & overseas only): 593

- Mail: 9.464

- 2007 municipal election comparison: 10,600 total absentees

- Absentee Deadlines

- Early voting ended a noon, Monday, November 7

- Civilian voters must return their vote-by-mail ballots before 6 pm Election Day, Nov. 8.

Marion County Voters

- Issues at the polls on Election Day? Call (317) 327-VOTE and select option 2

Poll Workers

- Each precinct traditionally has one Inspector, who serves as the precinct's manager under Indiana

election law.

- There are no more than two Judges, one from each major political party, at each precinct. Judges

assist voters using the touch-screen machines and check voter IDs.

- There are no more than two Clerks, one from each major political party, at each precinct. Clerks manage the poll books and provide each voter with a ballot.

Inspector Hotline

- Election Board recruits about 25 people in every election to serve as hotline operators, answering calls

and helping poll workers troubleshoot issues out in the field.

- Operators use the Election Board's Incident Reporting Software, developed by the county's IT department to disseminate, track and report issues.

Election Results

- When the polls close, the poll workers run an unofficial results report, break down the voting machines and account for all of the ballots

- Materials are delivered to four regional locations

- Data from the electronic media from the voting machines is uploaded to the central location

- Election Services Center at 3737 E. Washington St.

- Results are released cumulatively on the city's website – www.indy.gov and www.indy.gov/election. If the tech gods are with us, they'll be streaming live to www.nuvo.net, as well.

Election Administration

Marion County Board of Voter Registration

- Bi-partisan board with a co-director from the two major political parties

- Separate legal entity from the Election Board

- Responsible for maintaining Marion CountyÕs voter registration database

Marion County Election Board

- Three member board: one Democrat, one Republican and the elected Clerk of the Circuit Court, who serves by virtue of her elected office

- Chairman: Mark Sullivan (D)

- Vice-Chairman: Patrick Dietrick (R)

- Secretary: Elizabeth White, Marion County Clerk

- The two partisan members are appointed by the local major political parties and serve at the pleasure of the respective party's chair

- Election Board is responsible for administering and managing federal, municipal and special elections as governed by applicable state and federal laws and the enforcement of election laws, including those relating to interference with elections, voter intimidation and voter fraud.

Mayor's Office

- The mayor's office is responsible for selecting polling locations in Marion County because the mayor is the county executive


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