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Chris Coolidge, 83 Feet, America Owns The Moon
Melody Inn
Friday, Sept. 10

Following the usual Friday evening swingin’ country of the Tumbleweeds, Chris Coolidge began the evening with fast-paced punk and fancy solo work that climaxed into noise. Their sparse songs featured hip-hop drums and gritty Southern riffs that reminisced on the angry sounds of the Toadies and Radiohead’s The Bends album. The drummer added some bounce that got the fans warmed up.

Then 83 Feet stepped to the stage and played aggressive ska, flavored with a trombone. They mellowed out into a jazzier mood, only to have the singer scream angst-ridden lyrics like members of Modest Mouse. He lightened things with a little comedy and played on the band’s bouncy reggae sound to knock dreadlocked hippies on “I Hate Patchouli.” The crowd cheered with laughter.

America Owns The Moon then compensated for delays with energetic rock that had the singer screaming high in the tenor range with all his might. The drums and bass melded into one instrument the way good music should. The group shined on “Blackshine.” Despite some fans’ complaints, broken strings and speaker cones proved just how hard these guys play.

Between Chris Coolidge’s Southern bang, 83 Feet’s blasting trombone and America Owns The Moon’s wailing vocals, the ringing in my ears was too much to handle.

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