Dude Fest 2010: crossing my fingers 

Just recently, evil genius Derek Black, of Phoenix Bodies fame, announced that he would, in fact, be organizing a Dude Fest 2010. Thank God!

While I might not be the biggest fan of hardcore and metal music, I am not blind to the fact that Dude Fest is the best thing going for music in Indianapolis (sorry Jazz Fest, but I don’t care for you at all). People come from all over the country (and the world for that matter) just for the weekend festival.

Penis Bodies, uh, I mean Phoenix Bodies at Dude Fest 2007
  • Penis Bodies, uh, I mean Phoenix Bodies at Dude Fest 2007

Last year’s Dude Fest was a success, but that success was marred by the headliners, Zero Boys, who threw a snit-fit and demanded extra money after their set. So this year, while the line-up is still up in the air (with the exception of a few bands like Vaccine and Pollution), message board ghouls are wildly speculating...and wishing.

My wish for Dude Fest 2010 is none other than Insane Clown Posse. The psychotic Detroit rap duo is currently stirring things up with their latest album Bang Pow Boom. After 20 years as a “band”, one would think that any musician or artist would progress. One should know better than to expect anything "progressive" out of ICP: they started out stupid and they've only gotten stupider.

Their newest single, “Miracles”, is a call-to-arms for a Dark Ages revival. Already, the video is a Youtube hit, and not just from brain-dead Juggalos watching it. Across the country, non-Juggalos are flocking online to watch what is quite possibly the saddest moment in the history of recorded music and film. Watching it is like watching a train wreck; you just can’t turn away. I also happens to be hilarious.

So while I know chances are slim, I still have my fingers crossed for ICP on Dude Fest 2010!


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