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Melody Inn
Wednesday, Aug. 22, 8 p.m.

Charles Shriner, a veteran instrumentalist, vocalist, sound designer and arranger for 30-plus years, brings his experience into the experimental electronica solo project Drache Musik to two venues this week. “This is the newest thing for me,” he says. “I got tired of doing music for other people. It’s like I’m back being 20 years old again, focusing on creation and performance and doing what I love instead of worrying about what I’m getting paid for it.”

NUVO: Can you sum up the general approach for us?

Shriner: Everything’s done in real time and it’s improvised. It pulls a lot from my jazz roots. There’s no real clichés; it’s very listenable with a strong harmonic structure. It’s using the machines and myself to create music in real time.

NUVO: How is the performance different every time?

Shriner: I’m reverse-engineering a piece of music, breaking it down to different midi events and different audio events. The content each time is the same, but the form is completely different. It’s kind of like doing a jazz riff with melody and bridge and chorus, but each time the solos are completely different; it comes out different every time.

NUVO: You’ve been in the music scene quite a while; what kind of changes have you seen in that time?

Shriner: I’ve been doing electronic music in some form since 1977. Oh my God! The projects I was doing back then, like Mr. Presto, were like this big Frankenstein monster I had to put together for a show. It was really insane. Now it takes about as much time as a drummer to set up.

Editor’s note: Drache Musik will also perform an all-ages show Saturday, Aug. 25 at the Center Stage Café, 970 Ft. Wayne Ave., at 8 p.m. In addition, you can catch the artist during Oranje, Saturday, Sept. 15, at 323 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis. For more information, visit www.oranjeindy.com.

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