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A self-interview

A self-interview
by Rocky the Diabolical Catâ„¢ Q: Let's start with the question burning in the minds of all NUVO readers, Rocky: How are things between you and Evangelina? A: Well, Rocky, things couldn't be better. We have talked about her moving into my basement bachelor pad, which then, of course, no longer would be a bachelor pad. Q: I'm glad to hear that, Rocky. Do you know when your book Feline, All Too Feline will be coming out? Has the publication date been pushed back, or is it just my imagination? A: Yes, it has been pushed back. I must travel to Italy next month to work with my editor Bartolomeo Pistola on the proofs. I expect the book will be out in, say, September. Q: Haven't you been banned from entering Italy by the right-wing Berlusconi regime? A: Yes I have, Rocky, but I'll work my way around that. Q: Tell me, who have you been reading lately? A: Fleur Jaeggy, a wonderful writer who was recommended by my dear friend Sarah. Q: I thought she was J.'s friend. A: Like many of his friends, she became bored with him once she made my acquaintance. Q: I see. Are you concerned that what you are reading will, shall we say, subconsciously cross-pollinate your writing? A: As the late Thomas Bernhard once said, "When I write, I don't read; when I read, I don't write." Q: As you look around the city, Rocky, what is your impression? What concerns you most? A: The emergence of the state Republican Party as a gang of hateful hayseeds is troubling, to be sure. While I have been quite critical in the past of Mayor Peterson, he seems now, in contrast to his Republican counterparts, like a true statesman. He deserves credit for not letting himself be dragged down into the pig-trough. Q: And the recent spray-painting of the Statehouse by protestors against I-69? A: Well, Rocky, as cats we both know a lot about marking. (Laughs.) Q: But there's more to it than just that. A: Yes, I would say that government monopoly on power and violence - exercised through hubristic policymaking, a capricious justice system, police violence, the death penalty, militarism and so on - engenders its own responses from the public. We see this phenomenon all through history. Q: You are non-violent, as I recall. A: Yes, that is true, Rocky. Q: Why? A: It's a philosophical matter, really. Q: But your protege Ikey ... A: Yes, young Ikey is a street-fightin' cat. I respect him for his beliefs and actions, but we have chosen different paths. Q: Rocky, thank you for spending this time with me. A: It has been my pleasure, Rocky.

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