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Dear Rocky:
Why don’t you or J. mention Mayor Bart Peterson or his alter-ego, Bart-tron 2K3, anymore?
Dear Franklin:
J. and I have tired of the Milquetoast Mediocrity and have, as the librarians say, discarded him.
Dear Rocky:
What were you doing on your trip to Baghdad a few weeks ago? You never talked about it in NUVO.
Broad Ripple
Dear Thomas: I was writing an article for a German newsweekly about animal casualties resulting from the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. I also spent some time with Robert Fisk, the dean of Western journalists in the Middle East. You can read some of his work at
Dear Rocky:
Do you have anything in the pipeline besides the book you’re working on called Feline, All Too Feline?
Dear Patty:
I’m also working on a how-to book provisionally entitled Bummer: What To Do When You’re Dragged Off To The Gulag In The Middle Of The Night.
Dear Rocky:
I write for the “alternative weekly” that is run by the local Gannett newspaper. No matter how hard I try I’m just not cool. Do you have any advice for me on how to be cool like you and J.?
John Doe,
Dear John Doe:

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