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The return of Ms. O

The return of Ms. O

[this is satire]

Ms. O, recently returned from Spain, and I were sitting in a booth at Burrito Joint on Morris Street when she asked the inevitable question.

“Evangelina said you were in love. What happened?”

“An illusion. A hallucination. A mirage. I was lying on my back in the park and I looked at the sky and clouds spelled out the word L-O-V-E. But, in the end it wasn’t love; we broke up,” I replied.

“How odd for Truth to reveal itself to you through Nature, but yet then turn out to be untrue,” Ms. O commented.

“That is correct. So, after the big breakup I called the National Weather Service to complain about those misleading clouds. ‘Not our department’ was the reply. Clearly there is a lot of groupthink and a lack of organizational imagination going on over there,” I said.

“Hmmm, maybe those weren’t clouds, J. Maybe it was a skywriter, maybe an advertisement for soap — L-A-V-E. You could have misread it! How odd when you think about it: You looked at the sky and saw the word LAVE made by a skywriter, thought it was the word LOVE formed by clouds, then went and fell in love. You are so weird!” she chuckled.

“Whatever. I wash my hands of the whole matter,” I said wittily.

“Well, Rocky did say you were not in ‘love’ but rather ‘luv’,” Ms. O said.

“Blech! Rocky! Grrrrrrr!” I responded eloquently.

“What are your plans now?” she asked.

“My tender feelings need to recover, that is for sure,” I whined.

“Well, dear J,” Ms. O said, pinching me on the cheek, “I’m back in town, so at least now you have a truly beautiful Latina to pursue for a while!”

Rocky the Diabolical Cat (TM) will resume writing the Downtown Diary next week

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