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The murder of Sherry Fox
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The murder of Sherry Fox
"So, have you been following the case of the Fox murder?" I asked, and took a sip of my ristretto. "Yes I have, Master Rocky. It's bizarre! A guy allegedly beats his wife to death, and the county prosecutor wants an involuntary manslaughter charge!" young Ikey replied. "Jeffrey Fox beat Sherry Fox on the head, torso and extremities. Her injuries were described by police as 'brutal and very violent.' But the Johnson County prosecutor, who is apparently quite a deep thinker, a philosopher, thinks that while Jeffrey Fox was engaged in beating Sherry Fox to death, he didn't realize the brutal and violent beating, a beating of the sort that kills a person, was going to kill her," I said. "Yes, you must be careful when beating someone to death; you usually actually beat them to death," Ikey said. "Indeed, Jeffrey Fox, while beating his wife to death, beat his wife to death. What a pity for him, that as he beat her to death in a brutal and violent manner, he actually - and mistakes do happen, my young protégé - beat her to death. It is testimony to the subtle intellect of the Johnson County prosecutor that he understands that accidents do happen while one is beating one's wife to death." "Yeah, so instead of 45-65 years in the big house for murder, Mr. Fox is looking at two to eight years," Ikey said indignantly. "My young protégé, let us be clear on something here - this state is traveling backward in time. An attack on the ICLU office, which no politician, local or state, has had the balls to condemn, thus giving tacit approval to this despicable instance of Brownshirtism, and the murder of Sherry Fox, both within the past week, remind us that our state is returning to a condition of provincial patriarchy." I took another sip of my ristretto. "A friend of mine worked with Sherry Fox," I said. "He told me that she was an ideal public servant, a person who always wanted to help her clients. It is a vulgar irony that after her murder she has been betrayed by another public servant, the Johnson County prosecutor."

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