Downtown Diary [07.31] 

"From the diary of Rocky the cat"

"From the diary of Rocky the cat"
7/3/02: Ah, lovely Evangelina! She toys with my heart mercilessly! I have been writing poems for her, but, having been thrown off balance by her loveliness, I find my aesthetic sensibilities have been diminished. I knew I was in trouble when I wrote a poem to her in which I rhymed "truculent" and "succulent." Oh Diana of the pampas! How you inspire me! 7/5/02: Informed J. today that I am to be referred to in print as "Rocky, the Cat with an AttitudeƓ." He laughed at me. I then informed him that I have contacted an attorney so that we can come to some sort of "understanding" regarding use of my name, image, actions and thoughts in his Downtown Diary. He was, needless to say, nonplussed. 7/6/02: A new fellow has moved into the house, Ike the Kitten. Ike is 10 weeks old and identical to me except in size. Brainstorm: My own Mini-Me! I will teach him to do my bidding. J. will never know! 7/7/02: Again with J. and my grooming kit! Now it"s my brush. I noticed salt-and-pepper hairs in the brush; that could be only one person - J. So I sprinkled some itching powder on the brush. Problem solved. 7/8/02: Where can a guy get quality pomade in this town? God, this sucks! 7/9/02: J."s friend Ms. O was over today. Ah, the lovely Latina! We were all in the living room. J. went to the kitchen to make coffee. I jumped up into Ms. O"s lap, tickled her on the chin, whispered a few sweet nothings into her ear and gave her my cell phone number. Note to self: Compartmentalize life so Evangelina never meets Ms. O. 7/10/02: Paid my cell phone bill with J."s debit card.

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