Dot the i 

(R) 1.5 Stars

(R) 1.5 Stars
At first, Dot the i looks like an insufferably cute romance with an odd melancholy feel, but wait - the filmmakers are actually mocking insufferably cute romances while setting us up for a romantic psychological thriller with a Sixth Sense level plot twist. There is no way to review a film like this without giving away something. Just by indicating that there is a Sixth Sense level plot twist, I've affected the way anyone that reads this would approach the film. Accordingly, I probably should have put a spoiler warning at the very beginning of this review, but here's the thing: I don't think anyone out there will actually see the movie. I mean, if someone wants to see a movie aside from blockbusters like Star Wars or Cinderella Man, they'll surely check the reviews, especially for a film they've never heard of with an odd title. And virtually every review will state that this is not a good movie. Some reviewers will reveal the big plot twist, congratulate the filmmakers on at least trying to do something interesting, then detail how they failed in their efforts. I considered doing that. Now, I'm sure you'll agree that a person who reads a review like that is unlikely to see the movie. So putting a spoiler warning at the top of this review is needless. In fact, it might even have piqued the imagination of a few people enough that they might have gone to see the movie, which would be a drag, given the not-very-goodness of the movie and all. Of course, this raises the question: Is anyone reading this review? Do people peruse my weekly essays even when I'm giving a negative review to an unknown film destined to play one week and then disappear? Is anyone out there? Oh my, a tumbleweed just rolled across my keyboard. On the off chance that someone accidentally reads this, let me wrap things up by saying, Dot the i is a wannabe mind-blowing romantic psychological thriller that has a couple of good moments, but not enough to warrant your time. The movie opens Friday at AMC Castleton Arts. The other films playing there will be The Upside of Anger with Joan Allen and Kevin Costner and Millions, that story you heard about with the two little boys who find a bag full of money. Both films are very entertaining. Why don't you see one of them?

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