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In his own words, the black-suited and white-masked Shy Guy Says is an electronic music producer and performer "straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, an 8-bit villain ready to destroy any party at any time." His upcoming full length, The Technolocaust is exclusively written, engineered, produced, and distributed by the artist himself. He mixes hip hop, glitch hop, and drum step in his set; the artist is also planning on releasing Level 2, featuring outtakes from various Technolocaust sessions in the near future.

Shy Guy Says will make his next appearance at IndyMojo's Solstice III, an all-night dance party at the Vogue this Friday night with Future Rock, out of Chicago, and Cyberoptics, out of L.A., also on the bill. Solstice is one of Indy Mojo's largest events of the year; this year, they're mixing jamtronics (Future Rock) and EDM for a party that will keep you on your feet all night long.

Our own editor, Tristan Schmid, was out at a September Shy Guy Says show, commenting, "Shy Guy puts work into his production and his performance. Bouncing around behind his small rig, he had to turn from the crowd at one point, bend over and dump the sweat out of his mask."

This hard-working producer listens to tons of new music to prepare his sets. We checked in with the man behind the mask to see what he just can't put down lately.

Don't Miss: Shy Guy Says (Slideshow)
Don't Miss: Shy Guy Says (Slideshow) Don't Miss: Shy Guy Says (Slideshow) Don't Miss: Shy Guy Says (Slideshow) Don't Miss: Shy Guy Says (Slideshow)

Don't Miss: Shy Guy Says (Slideshow)

Each week, NUVO speaks to a local music luminary about their favorite new music. Local producer/performer Shy Guy Says makes this week's picks.

By Katherine Coplen

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