Dog hair? 

Yes, pet (and human) hair is OK to compost

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I was talking to my daughter yesterday about our composting. Neither of us knew if pet hair or dryer lint would be ok to compost. I have just read a dozen articles that say both are fine. This time of year we get a bag of fine undercoat hair from our lab every time we brush her. We will also start just putting the whole canister of dirt from the vacuum cleaner in. It is mostly dog hair anyhow.


Hi Deborah,

Yes, pet (and human) hair is OK to compost. Hair is rich in protein and other nutrients, so your compost will eat it up. It takes a little longer than other items to decompose, but hair is high in nitrogen, which helps create heat in your compost pile.

I’m a maybe on dryer lint. It’s likely that you are drying clothing made from synthetic materials, in which case it’s ok to compost, just know that there may be synthetic fibers in your compost. That’s totally fine, but I just want you to be aware. If you are using synthetic perfumed dryer sheets, then I would not compost your dryer lint.

We sometimes save dryer lint to use as a fire starter when camping. Others may suggest putting it out for birds to gather for nesting.

Piece out,


(NOTE: This letter appeared in the May 6, 2015 edition of NUVO.)


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