DJ Scandy, DJ Rony, DJ Copper Top 

Talbott Street
Wednesday, May 9

If you wait to hit the dance floor until you hear the “perfect” song — and you know the one — there’s a chance you’ll wait forever. So you have to make a decision. Either you suck it up and start dancing anyway, forcing your hips to move to sounds that don’t quite get you riled up, or you can sit in a corner, attempt to socialize and sip on a Long Island that cost $5.50.

Such was the case at Talbott Street when DJ Scandy (Norway’s Andy LaPlegua) began spinning CDs after midnight May 9. EBM and industrial fans had come to hear the DJ from Combichrist’s superior dance floor triumphs like “This is My Rifle” and the crunchy electro-heavy “This Sh** Will F*** You Up.”

To the chagrin of some, the underworld icon fixed most of his DJ set on groove-heavy instrumental songs of monumental digi-synth proportions, avoiding many vocal-lead tracks (except for songs like Nitzer Ebb’s “Lightning Man”). For clubgoers who thrive on grinding to bass and drums overlaid with decent keys and vocals, the urge to dance simply wasn’t there. But you had to hand it to the dedicated 20-plus dancers who surpassed their desire for Scandy’s Combichrist or Icon of Coil sounds and supported him forthwith by gyrating their bodies anyway.

Highlights of the night included the juxtaposition of a Mohawked girl dancing for tips on a small stage and a slender Maggie Gyllenhaal look-alike in tiny silver shorts dancing on the opposite platform. By the end of the night, Indy club regulars donning black vinyl, as well as a talented fire-dancer, Pali of Solluna Fire Artists, had overrun them.

Props go to Eden’s Chris Conner, who invited Scandy to the Midwest, booked his tour and single-handedly drove the musician to the remainder of his tour spots, including to Neo in Chicago.

In the local electronic music scene, it’s becoming clearer how different DJs Copper Top and Rony are. Rony, who played the night’s first set, introduced new industrial tracks but also played club favorites like Covenant’s “Ritual Noise” — getting this reviewer to jump to her feet for the only song I danced to all night … Meanwhile, Copper Top slid in more experimental electro-trance and some classics like “Sex on Wheelz” by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.

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