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Watch enough DJs and you get a sense of how to ID them. Fingerprinting and DNA. It’s distinctive. DJ Deanne is one with her board at Talbott Street. Her fingers skitter over that board faster than most people can type. When she’s really on it, barely a beat goes by that she hasn’t altered in some way.
DJ Deanne

"I think songs belong together,” Deanne said. “Things are meant to be together, and that’s just about a seamless journey, and that’s what I strive for. The underlying elements are a sexual energy — that’s the key to a happening dance floor, and that transcends sexual orientation. Energy, period, is the key … It’s a journey to me. That’s what I try to deliver. You build and build to a crescendo to where everybody’s at a peak, and then you bring them back down.”

Deanne spent months as a bartender and events coordinator for Talbott Street, a position she left last June. But she still spins there every several weeks. Her next appearance will be Saturday, Feb. 5.

She has numerous other projects in the works. She does a mix show on every Saturday from 10-midnight Central time (11-1 Indiana time). She’ll also be DJing at the Fireball Party, benefiting the Heart Foundation, in Chicago Feb. 18-20.

Deanne grew up surrounded by rock, funk, R&B and disco, and got into DJing several years ago as a protégé of Wayne Shephard.

“Through my continual search in looking for new music, he came into my life and he helped me kind of hone in on the talent that I didn’t know was there. What was once an interest, just a hobby, collecting music, became more of a reality. I’m a firm believer that every sequence of events that a person’s life encounters is all part of a greater circle of events that is meant for that person. Everything has led me on the path towards producing music. I’m born to play music for people.”

She’s a very physical DJ, dancing madly as she works, passionate and playful.

“I feed off the people around me. I’m as much a creator of the music as a lover of the music. And if people see the fun I’m having, they’ll have more fun. I love to dance! I want them to see that we’re having as much fun as they are. That’s not contrived. That’s real. Love, passion, lust, romance, whatever they can get from that, I think it’s got to evoke some sense of emotion from the listener. That’s the spirit of the music.”

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