Dizeazed bids Indy farewell 

They're loading up the truck and moving to Cali

They’re loading up the truck and moving to Cali
After a few years of being one of the most polarizing and controversial local groups in recent memory, the all-female trio Dizeazed will bid farewell to Indianapolis with a show Saturday at Tailgators.
Dizeazed’s final show will be Saturday at Tailgators.
The band, which was the subject of criticism following their appearance on the cover of NUVO two years ago, will be moving to California next week to try their fortune there. Says drummer Dannie Frank, “The Midwest, in general, I don’t think is doing really well right now. A lot of venues have closed down and we’ve just decided to pack it up and move out West.” Adds singer Nicole Anderson, “The Midwest is not really a conducive environment for the kind of band we are. It’s only normal to be apprehensive, but we figured that if we just sat around and waited, we’d lose all of our opportunities,” she says. The teen-age group, known for their black-light stage show as well as pounding martial rhythms, recorded several EPs and played dozens of shows in Indianapolis, most of them at all-ages venues. But after their favorite venue, Festivilla, closed, and finding their choice of other venues limited, they decided to take advantage of long-standing opportunities in California. “We don’t have any jobs out there, or even any shows booked in California,” Anderson says, “but we’re not scared.” “Everybody else we know seems to be more scared about it than we are,” bassist Macey Frank says. The group has shows booked along the way to Cali, however. “We’re just putting all of our band gear in the van and driving cross country,” Anderson says. They said they still have plenty of friends in Indy but just wanted to move on. After winning a local-music competition in the summer of 2001, the group appeared on the cover of NUVO as a band to watch. The reaction from other groups, both on the Internet and in person, was overwhelmingly negative, the band says. “We are a band that thrives on competition, so when a bunch of other bands kept saying they hate us, and who did we think we were, we thought it was great,” Dannie Frank says. “It would have been very boring if people had been all, ‘Congratulations,’” Anderson says. “It’s just kind of funny how people can say stuff behind a screen name, but when it comes to meeting us face to face, even when we know it’s them, they don’t say anything,” Anderson says. “It’s also weird that people put all of that attention into us,” Dannie Frank says, “rather than doing their own thing.” The reaction from non-musicians to the band’s success was overwhelmingly positive, they said. Still, the band is too busy to care that much about what other people say. They’ve kept practicing six and seven days a week in the garage of their Westside home and distributing hundreds and hundreds of flyers for each of their local shows. “A typical day for us is to get up, practice and then work on band stuff,” Dannie Frank says. “And at night, if there’s not a show or other stuff we should be doing, we’re out promoting.” “We’ve evolved as musicians and we’ve been progressing and trying new things,” Anderson says. “As a band, we’re tighter than ever.” The group started in 2000 after the three attended a concert together. “I was like, let’s start a band,” Anderson says. “I didn’t think anything would come of it. But we stuck to a schedule, and all of a sudden we were in a band. And then it was, ‘What do we do now?’” Now, they’re loading up the truck and moving to Beverly. Well, almost. Asked about the band’s philosophy, Anderson pulls out a well-worn notebook. After leafing through the pages, she reads, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, you can. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.” The show Saturday night at Tailgators, 373 S. Illinois St., will feature the group Took and, also performing their last show, the metal group Aggravated Minds. Admission to the show is free. For more information on Dizeazed, visit dizeazed_music.tripod.com.

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