Discopolis, June 2009 

It could probably go without saying that Movement (Detroit's Electronic Music Festival) was awesome this year, but I'm saying it anyway. There's just no other experience like it. It's almost like the movie 28 Days Later, except instead of flesh eating zombies taking over the big empty city, you have a very diverse cast of people ranging from ravers to clubbers and people in funky costumes or everyday people that love dance music and the culture within. The dying city comes to life by breathing bass and sweating synth lines.

Just like last year, the craziest event was Benny Benassi's electro house set, but my personal favorite performer was a tie between Marco Carola and Bassnectar. Marco is an Italian born techno producer whose set had one of the best vibes of the weekend. Bassnectar's music is pretty much what you would expect: very bass heavy. Playing, mostly dubstep and managed to shake the entire concrete slab everyone was dancing or standing on.

Fortunately in the DEMF afterglow, there's hope back here in Indiana. As I seem to keep mentioning, electronic dance music has been slowly infiltrating the city - even local rock promoters are booking DJs on their bills. Everyone's ready for a dance party.

If you're one of those people, there's no shortage of events going on in June, that's for sure. This month Indy welcomes one of the biggest DJs in the world, shows it's pride colors and gets a new bass heavy monthly.

First, the big one: Paul van Dyk. Hailing from a country known more now for hard hitting techno than his preferred trance style, van Dyk starting DJing way back in 1991 in a newborn German club culture. He's worked his way all the way up the ranks, and is now consistently considered one of the top five DJs in the world. He currently holds spot #3 on thedjlist.com, the world's largest DJ directory that allows user voting, and previously held the #1 position in DJ Mag's yearly list in 2005 and 2006.

I think it's safe to say Indy has never had an electronic act as well respected as Paul van Dyk come through. He'll be here Monday, June 22, at Talbott Street. Monday, you ask? Yes. And it will probably sell out anyway.

Just a few days earlier on June 19 (my birthday, as well as NUVO's Jeff Napier's), Money, Hoes & Clothes will start a new monthly at the Vollrath Tavern, a new venue that's been causing quite a buzz in every way possible. "I like to party" will feature strictly bass heavy music. Knowing the promoter, Geek, there will be plenty of sound support to make sure of that.

The first iteration of the monthly event will feature The Thomas Crown Affair (Bloomington DJs Phenom & Everything Continues), Cool Hand Lex (Forty Five, Blu Martini, Subterra), Steady B (with the booty bass!), El Carnicero + Motif (PULSE! at Blu Lounge), Synapse (Dubstep, Konkrete Jungle Indy) and will be hosted by Rusty Redenbacher (of Mudkids fame).

This month also means time for Pride, Indy's yearly gay pride parade and festival. This year they're expecting to break last year's record attendance of 35,000 people with more events planned, a longer parade than ever and a larger festival overall. Dance music options are, of course, a highlight throughout the week, and this year there will even be an early morning DJ session before the parade starts, outside of FortyFive Degrees with DJ Deanne manning the decks. More info on the week's events can be found at www.indyprideinc.com.

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