Discopolis, April 2009 

Fashion in the electronic scene is certainly something to talk about - and quite honestly, I've not touched on it one bit in my monthly banters about Indy's DJ scene. That's why this month I'm sharing some of the hottest trends in Indy's nightlife scene. Of course, as soon as word gets out about these hot new trends, they'll immediately hit their shelf life, so don't be surprised if you never see them.

Back To The Basics

Straw hats and chaps are so last year's trend and Kanye West's blinder shades are so... well, they never really were, ever. The hottest new trend is what I like to call Daft Punk Chic, and that's dressing as a robot. Yes, it's really as simple as putting a helmet on, perhaps a shiny silver jumpsuit (with glowing flashy things for bonus points) and pretending like you can pop and lock. You'd be surprised at how quickly this has caught on.

Bacon Bacon Bacon

Have you heard about bacon flavored vodka yet? It sounds quite absurd, but it's a reality thanks to Black Rock Spirits' Bakon Vodka (www.bakonvodka.com). Who'd have thunk the delicious flavors of bacon would wind up in an alcoholic beverage, and taking it even further, who'd have thunk it would be Such a HIT? It is estimated that 76.9% of vodka drinkers in Indianapolis prefer the bold, fatty taste of bacon liquor over even the most distilled, most luxurious un-bacon-ified vodkas. I personally enjoy bacon vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon and a mint garnish.

The Sweet Smell of Club

With all of this talk about clubs and bars going smoke free, many have found themselves sleepless at night trying to understand how they will achieve that fashionable "just left the bar" smell with the same minimal effort they put forth before the rules changed. Fear not! Indy fragrance experts have developed this new product and it's catching on like a butt to a flame. Everyone Loves Smoke, LLC introduced their new product, CIG, at an international fragrance convention last year to great acclaim. Since others may get jealous, wearers are encouraged to bring their bottle with them to the club. You don't want to leave your friends smelling like.... Aqua Di Gio or something equally untasty smelling.

Can I Get Your Digits?

If you're like many, you love the music, you love the eye candy, but you're just too damn shy to talk to those hotties you see while at the club. A recent trend addresses this problem perfectly: phone number t-shirts. No longer do you need to find that perfect ice breaker. No awkward glances or sending friends over to do the talking for you. Just wear your phone number t-shirt and let them come to you! They could even just text you to avoid that unnecessary human interaction. Phone Number T's are available at many Indianapolis fashion hubs, but note that they only come in slimming black with giant white text for maximum affect, for the sake of the person buying them. You also have the option of putting your Twitter username on the back (along with an image of the fail whale) and rumor has it a battery-powered, flashing lights version will be available later this summer.

Different Disco

Despite so many musical options to choose from on any given night in Indy, many have found themselves having to settle for something else. For instance, you might be into the new Boot Scootin' Country Breaks craze, but the club that night has a DJ playing deep minimal ambient progressive electro hard house. That's where the new Different Disco earphone system comes in handy. This new, revolutionary product allows clubgoers the ability to transport into the club of their choice. Simply plug Different Disco into any portable device with a standard headphone jack, put the Different Disco buds into your ear canals and dance the night away to your own beat! When others approach you and ask you WTF you're doing, tell them you're an early adopter of the latest club sensation (or just point at the phone number on your shirt)!


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