Dillinger timeline 

June 22, 1903: Dillinger born in Indianapolis.

Dec. 4, 1923: Dillinger goes AWOL after five months in the Navy.

April 12, 1924: Dillinger marries Beryl Hovious.

Sept. 16, 1924: Dillinger sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for assaulting and robbing a Mooresville grocer.

July 15, 1929: Dillinger moved to Indiana State Prison upon his request after he is divorced by Hovious.

May 22, 1933: Dillinger released on parole, thanks to the petition of Mooresville residents.

June 10, 1933: Dillinger robs $10,600 from a bank in New Carlisle, Ohio.

Sept. 22, 1933: Dillinger is arrested in Dayton, Ohio, and sent to Allen County Jail for committing several robberies.

Sept. 26, 1933: Several men who will eventually form the Dillinger gang escape from jail using guns smuggled in by Dillinger.

Oct. 12, 1933: The Dillinger gang frees Dillinger from jail.

Oct. 23, 1933: The Dillinger gang robs $75,000 from a Greencastle, Ind., bank.

Dec. 16, 1933: "The Dillinger Squad" of 40 men formed by the Chicago Police Department.

Jan. 15, 1934: While robbing a bank in East Chicago, Ind., Dillinger is shot several times by Officer William O'Malley. Dillinger is saved by a bulletproof vest but O'Malley is killed.

Jan. 25, 1934: The Dillinger gang is arrested in Tucson, Ariz. Dillinger is extradited to Indiana for the murder of O'Malley.

Jan. 30, 1934: Dillinger arrives at Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Ind., and poses for the notorious photograph with Prosecutor Robert Estill. The photograph ruins Estill's career.

March 3, 1934: Dillinger escapes from jail with the help of bribes paid by his lawyer Louis Piquett and a gun carved from a washboard. Dillinger steals a sheriff's car and, committing a federal crime, drives across state lines into Illinois. Dillinger's committing a federal offense justifies pursuit by the Division of Investigation.

April 22, 1934: The Dillinger gang survives a shootout with DOI agents in Little Bohemia, Wis. A gang member kills two special agents and wounds two more. DOI agents accidentally kill a civilian.

May 27, 1934: Dillinger undergoes plastic surgery in the Chicago home of bar owner Jimmy Probasco.

June 22, 1934: Dillinger is informally named Public Enemy Number One by Attorney General Homer S. Cummings.

June 23, 1934: The Justice Department offers a $10,000 reward for Dillinger's arrest.

June 30, 1934: The Dillinger gang robs $30,000 from a bank in South Bend, Ind.

July 4, 1934: Dillinger moves into the apartment of brothel owner Anna Sage.

July 19, 1934: Facing deportation to her native Romania, Sage agrees to turn over Dillinger if she is allowed to remain in the U.S.

July 22, 1934: Dillinger is killed in a DOI ambush while leaving Chicago's Biograph Theatre with Sage.

July 25, 1934: Dillinger buried in Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.

Compiled from www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/dillinger/timeline/timeline2.html

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