Die dancing with The Trucks 

"The Trucks"
The Trucks
Clickpop Records
3 stars

Combining retro kitsch with rock and danceable grooves is one of the more fashionable traits in today’s music. The Trucks do it better than most. That’s because this all-female troupe from the Pacific Northwest is able to convey both fun and purpose on their debut release. This is done both musically and lyrically.

This freak flag new wave is fueled mostly by keyboards, a zippering bed of sound that can be both inflated and subdued. The Trucks can easily veer between goofy, saw-toothed punk on “Big Afros” and the Casio-ed war procession of “March 1st” that also serves as a big middle finger to an ex-boyfriend that’s done with a wink.

Yes, The Trucks do sing a lot of things females aren’t supposed to sing, lest they want to be tagged with a tarnished reputation, but this CD isn’t a parade of male-bashing numbers. They state their case in a righteous way, not taking themselves too seriously.

The best example is the atonal romp “Titties,” with pointed lyrics you can probably predict from the song’s title. By the end they state, “You need some lessons on how to get me off.” They take their message all the way with the aid of a dirty disco beat, saying, “No I won’t sit nice and be quiet,” on “Shattered.”

But it’s not just tainted love The Trucks goose. On one of their more straightforward and sonorous compositions, “Come Back,” they observe, “Guns aren’t bad, they’re just not quiet.” The CD’s most important point comes early on, during “Zombie,” when you’re asked, “If this is the end, would you not die dancing?”

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