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Ikey contra Minutemen

Rocky (Note from Rocky: The follo
Ikey contra Minutemen Rocky (Note from Rocky: The following is a report filed by wee Ikey the Cat regarding an “immigration debate” spectacle he attended last week in Chicago.) The event was to be a debate between so-called Minutemen and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR). Anarchists and racists began organizing via e-mail, prompting the ICIRR to cancel with a weak statement about not wanting to be involved in “putting people at risk.” The cancelled event was to have taken place in a church in Logan Square. People gathered there anyway; many anarchists, Progressive Labor Party people, a church group or two, the unaffiliated, Anti-Racist Action, about 200 people in all. There were probably half a dozen Minutemen and Nazis. With the debate cancelled by the ICIRR, what was to be done? The church decided to give the mike over to the Minutemen, to answer questions and “dialogue” with the crowd! As soon as someone from the church started their introduction, saying something about the church’s history dating back to the pilgrims (!), an amazing roar rose from the crowd. A guy asked why racists were being allowed in the “house of God”; that man was arrested at the bidding of the minister. The crowd began chanting “Hitler rose, Hitler fell, Minutemen, go to hell!” and other delectables non-stop for about 20 minutes. The alarmed minister shut down the proceedings. Outside, a whole other circus began, with the few Minutemen and Nazis engaging a very volatile and organized anti-racist contingent. The racists then got their customary police escorts. There was disarray with fracases and ruckuses going on up and down the street. Rosanna Pulido*, the Minuteman leader in Chicago, then received a free press conference, where she talked about “the unholy alliance of the pro-illegal groups with anarchists and communists”! I walked up to her and pissed on her leg. *Second-generation Mexican-American. Go figure.

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