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A solid, albeit uncomforting cover story (COVER, "Sex and the Statehouse," Feb. 15-22). It's so nice

A solid, albeit uncomforting cover story (COVER, “Sex and the Statehouse,” Feb. 15-22). It’s so nice to know the state legislature is taking care of the things that really can make a difference in this state: a solid economy, bringing strong employers into the state, improving the educational systems for everyone in the state. This concern for “protecting” marriage and children comes across to me as another great example of a detached government. Most of these folks can’t even get their own kids to mind them, but that doesn’t prevent them from trying to make state laws that can be thrown at people in the privacy of their own company. Fantastic. When they get around to actually helping the people in this state advance in life, liberty and the pursuit of a state-approved, morally redeeming happiness ... well, I might be living in another state by then. In that case, I’ll forward my new address to you...

By the way, does this mean dinner and a movie are the only state-approved forms of foreplay?

James Etling

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