"Deliberation: New Works by Mark Pack and Max Stolkin" visual art review 

The title of this show suggests careful consideration, but you might think that the creative aggression of Stolkin's sculptures and the seemingly random abstraction of Pack's action paintings suggest otherwise. Multiple kiln firings add to the sense that Stolkin's work -- his shriveled bodies and deformed heads -- could've been unearthed from a previously unexcavated part of Pompeii inhabited by mutants, while the congealed acrylic surfaces of Pack's paintings seem more about the painting process itself and less about anything deliberate like representation. Or so you might think. But then you come to Pack's "Intrinsic Study of Chaos," where you find not only chopped up bits of acrylic paintings on multiple planks of wood but core samples from his own paintings. Pack's a geologist of his own acrylic strata, trying to find order there. Speaking of order, this show's curated so it suggests linkages between these two artists and, in that sense, it more than lives up to its title. Through July 31; 317-955-2450, www.artboxindy.com.


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