Daylight savings a gift 

But Daniels lacks fashion sense Regarding your recent column on daylight-saving time (Hammer

But Daniels lacks fashion sense

Regarding your recent column on daylight-saving time (Hammer, “There Is No ‘Daylight Savings,’” April 5-12): It’s funny, on some things we are so eye-to-eye it freaks me out (Prince, President Clinton, the State Fair). On others, I just don’t feel you, Mr. Dog (Artest, abortions.) And on daylight-saving time, dude: I’m digging it.

As opposed to feeling that an hour of my life has been stolen, it’s like I’ve been GIVEN an extra hour, every day, again and again, a blissful gift of extra time that keeps giving: It’s not night yet, I can get a walk in, I can ride my bike, I can’t be THAT late for dinner. I love mornings but I often have to work late, so pushing everything back an hour is like the universe has magically aligned to give me more time. They say the one thing you can’t get more of is time. Well I do now, every day. I love it.

Now, in terms of the political ramifications, I’m sure it still sucks somehow. I still don’t know what bloody time it is in Indiana. Who got exempt? Who are we with? It’s still a zoo. I initially tried to cut the new governor some slack (I, like yourself, believe in the true importance — and covenant — of public service). I felt that I should give him some time before I formed an opinion.

But now, I feel he’s way let me down:

a.) Put on a tie, especially when you’re going to be on national TV at an historically important event for The Guy Who Put Indiana On The Map (And Who Always Looks Good To Boot). I wear a tie to work, for crissakes — you make WAY too much money to be in a sweater in public. Maybe you think you’ve earned the right to wear whatever the hell you want to wear, but dude, what’s that Web site, and

b) the Major Moves juggernaut was a triumph of power and money over the Will Of The People. And hey, maybe he is right, we elect officials to sometimes save us from our Bad Collective Judgement, but on this one, I think it’s a short-term way to spend a lot of money on old, 20th century technology. I think selling off publicly-owned, income-generating infrastructure sounds like trouble. I also think all of our resources should be steered toward Renewable Energy In Our Lifetime, not more Pay-Per-Use-Traffic Jams, but what do I know.

OK. Gotta go (to get that 8 p.m. April walk in daylight!). Keep raising hell, Harry.

PS: I’m not letting Mayor Peterson off the hook on that Reggie thing, either. I agree with my brother, Pat — I don’t care where you are, what’s going on, you schedule a flight to be there for someone who has given so much to your city.

Tim Brickley

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