Daniels RV tour rolls on 

[this article is satire]

[this article is satire]

Finkleville, Ind. — The statewide RV tour of GOP gubernatorial candidate Mitch Daniels made a quick stop in this hardscrabble rural Finkle County town today. Daniels made a short speech to about 25 residents of Finkleville, a community hard hit by the bad economy. He then patted a baby on the head, boarded his RV and continued his journey. Daniels’ visit was the main topic of conversation at the Finkleville Diner on Main Street. “My daddy told me that if’n a man wuz friends with my enemy, that makes him my enemy, and that purty boy George Bush ain’t no friend o’ mine, so I guess that Daniels ain’t no friend o’ mine either,” said Otis Stinner, 78, a local farmer. “That feller used to work for E-Li Lilly, I do recall,” said Drumilla Houghton, 70, an area homemaker. “Them’s the ones that makes that medicine mammy cain’t afford. I ain’t voting for that Daniels.” Farmer Henry Green, 82, his wrinkled face evincing decades spent toiling in the sun, sat alone at the counter drinking coffee. He squinted, looked in the distance and said quietly, “That man’s got the personality of the splintery edge of a rottin’ piece o’ plywood, as we say ’round these parts.”

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