Cy McQuigg: "Kindness Installation" visual art review 

Kindness is the message Cy McQuigg strives to communicate through her installation that incorporates prose by Etienne "Stephen" De Grellet within single image video loops and assemblages in the old bank vault and "panic room" at Art Bank. The result is an idiosyncratic installation that reuses analog televisions and objects in combination with recycled imagery and ideologies to spur us to not only remember to be kind, but to show benevolence. McQuigg hopes viewers will donate 1,000 canned goods to Art Bank's Gleaner's Food Bank collection. No doubt art can stir action. But this installation is so filled with references -- cultural, historical, religious and seemingly personal -- that deciphering takes work. "The Messiah is Not Coming" includes four televisions stacked vertically on pantry-like shelving topped with Progresso Traditional Italian Style Wedding Soup cans. Vinyl letters on each set's glass spell out words from the title and relate to videos within. "Messiah" is paired with footage of a yogi chanting a kindness mantra. "Is Not" is paired with a "Be Kind" spinning wind charm. "The" and "Coming" are paired with a kindness quote from the French Quaker De Grellet, who was a reformist. The question is: Does all this motivate us to show kindness? Through Aug. 31; 317-624-1010,


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