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Hammer, I’m glad someone else had noticed, but will NBC (Hammer, “Random Rants,” May 16-23)? I stopped watching SNL regularly a few years back, after Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell left, but still tune in occasionally in the hopes that something funny will reappear. I am continually disappointed and have given up. I think the last show I watched (for obvious reasons) had Halle Berry as host, and one skit she was in was so painfully unfunny I was embarrassed for her (like I was when I saw Catwoman), and I don’t think this is a rare occurrence: embarrassingly, painfully, unfunny shows.

But SNL has made such a connection with so many of us over the years with so many incredibly bright and talented comedians, we just keep hoping, I think, that we will see its resurgence. Like pigeons that are fed on a regular basis for years, then only sporadically, then not at all, we are creatures of habit who keep coming back because of the power of those memories. And I think that’s what NBC banks on. We’re like Green Bay Packers fans and their love of Brett Favre: but he was great once! We loved him then. We can’t get rid of him. In a way, he defines the Packers, like Bart Starr did. And so it is with SNL.

But all good things must come to an end, especially when they turn sour and stale. I’m trying to forget the laughs I used to get. I’ve replaced SNL with Mad TV on Fox, but now it seems to have lost some of its humor value (Stephanie Weir’s departure?) and replaced it with crude, obnoxiousness, i.e. Bobby Lee skits. Why do all these young comedians think they have to outdo each other in vulgarity to be funny? True humor requires intelligence and insight, and these qualities seem to be lacking in this generation of “comedians.” Or should I say “comodians”?

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