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Dear Readers, I have received a great deal of inquiry and update regarding two recent columns. One dealt with dealing with a friendship gone terribly wrong (“Best Frienemy,” March 24-31); the other, with financial difficulties after a bankruptcy (“Check-mate,” March 10-17). Fortunately, a reader volunteered some good advice of her own for the former, and I have a happy follow-up to report on the latter. I like to give my neighbors the floor, especially if it might benefit others who are dealing with similar challenges in their lives. Thanks to both of you for touching base with me, and the rest of the Claim community. Cheers! Dear Lou, Thank you for your feedback regarding my so-called friend, and ya know, you nailed it dead on. Made me think, and see what I had tried to ignore. I have spoken to a few folks I’m close to and the agreement is unanimous. I do not need that in my life and don’t care to deal with her problems any more, much as I may want to. She’s poison to me. MUTUALLY — thank you for that. I had forgotten friendship was supposed to be mutual. I’m better off out of this drama. Thanks again for giving me that little push that I needed to do what I knew I needed to do. And seeing it so clearly in writing spoke to me. I will survive, thrive and be happy again. Will take a while, that’s OK. And yes, I am at that screaming RAGE stage — better watch myself! You are appreciated. Have a good one and keep them coming! You have a good head on your shoulders and you made me feel better. I so needed that. Actions or Words Hi Lou: A program called “Get Checking,” administered through Purdue Extension and several nonprofit agencies, can help that woman open a checking account. Once she successfully completes the course, which is taught either as a six-hour Saturday session or two three-hour weekday sessions, she can open a checking account at a participating financial institution. Participating banks include Community Choice Federal Credit Union (the organization that I represent), Forum Credit Union, Lincoln Bank, National City, Union Planters and the one you mentioned in your column, Union Federal. The woman should contact Marion County Extension at (317) 275-9305 to register for the “Get Checking” class. In addition, I represent Financial Foundations, a nonprofit collaboration between Community Choice Federal Credit Union and the John H. Boner Community Center (on the Near Eastside). We provide financial education and asset building opportunities to individuals striving to make a lasting difference in their lives. If she feels that she may benefit, we offer free money management training at the Boner Center which includes a one-on-one session. She may reach us at (317) 633-8210, ext. 242, 243 (me) or 244. I know, as you mentioned in your column, that this is not the type of thing you usually deal with, but if you can get this helpful information to that woman, that would be great. Sincerely, Carla James Financial Foundations


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