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April Fools Special

Why did the chicken cross the road? The question, repeated for generations on school playgrounds, at cocktail lounge bars, and on inane morning talk radio shows begs to go unnoticed no longer.

IndyChicken, a new animal welfare non-profit devoted to Indianapolis chickens’ quality of life, does understand. IndyChicken is committed to supporting every chicken who is at the point in their lives where they need to cross the road – no questions asked.

One of the major services IndyChicken provides, in addition to providing proper grain, luxury coops, anemia recovery and toe-trimming, is "deep decomic" therapy to assist with psychological trauma from the bevy of bad jokes that pummel their spirits when they are taking that big step to cross the road. IndyChicken knows that chickens truly do need a safe place where they can get to that other side.

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