Colts 0-2, NUVO's prognosticator 2-0 

click to enlarge You hear me, Stripes? I'm comin' for you. - PHIL TAYLOR
  • You hear me, Stripes? I'm comin' for you.
  • Phil Taylor

The Colts are now 0-2 — deep breath, Blue Nation — after dropping a close game to the Philly Iggles in Lucas Oil Monday night. (ESPN's Chris Berman called the stadium "the Drum." Stadium management HATES that. Whatever.) While there’s a lot of absolutely justifiable head-scratching happening over the Pagano/Hamilton decision to throw on third down deep in Gang Green territory late in the game (as Bob Kravitz outlines nicely here), the fact remains that T.Y. Hilton was MUGGED, MUGGED I SAY! just prior to going from Intended Receiver to Spectator Watching an Andrew Luck INT. This was followed shortly thereafter by a make-good call nonexistent horsecollar-tackle penalty against the Horseshoe.

click to enlarge Teams starting 0-2 have a 12% chance of making the playoffs. But it's not worth losing an ear over or anything. - VINCENT VAN GOGH
  • Teams starting 0-2 have a 12% chance of making the playoffs. But it's not worth losing an ear over or anything.
  • Vincent van Gogh

Although the Colts dropped what seemed (for a time) to be a gimme, maybe the coaching staff was trying to ensure they’d keep a drive alive and burn clock against a Philly team that moves so quickly they make the ‘90s-era no-huddle Bills look like they were moving in reverse. Either way, we’d like to revisit our Fearless Prognosticator’s preview of the 2014 season, because it’s starting to look like it was delivered to the man on stone tablets in the Sinai or some such thing. This is getting creepy.

To quote the Seer:

Sept. 7 at Denver: Luck vs. Manning? What more needs to be said? Besides the obvious — this game will see Peyton hurling the damn ball all over the field without ol’ Bob to slow him down with a sack or 30. Broncs 37, Colts 21. (This is the first prime-time Sunday night game airing on NBC this season. Bring the hype.)

Sept. 15 v. Eagles: The Colts welcome what’s probably the best team in a meh division, the NFC East (we play all the teams in said division in 2014) for the home opener. Expect deafening crowd noise when a hopefully-completely-healed Reggie Wayne catches his first ball. It’s a Monday night game, too. So what could possibly completely freak out everybody in Blue Nation? An 0-2 start. Iggles 23, Colts 21.

click to enlarge Art Donovan VIII. Or someone.
  • Art Donovan VIII. Or someone.

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