Coffinworm, "When All Became None" 

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A salute to Coffinworm, a band of nihilists who set out to excrete some of the most malignant-sounding music ever created, and succeeded better than even they hoped for.

Their full-length debut, When All Became None, wallows in absolute misery. Doom metal master Sanford Parker is the perfect engineer for such an undertaking. His analog aesthetic accentuates the band's thick, swarming guitars, tectonic drums and Dave Britts' throat-shredding howls.

It's not all sludgy and slow. "Blood Born Doom" may start off all ominious, but it builds into a crescendo of blast beats. "The Sadistic Rites of Count Tabernacula" includes elements of early black metal. The bastardized blues that opens "Spitting in Infinity's Asshole" shifts into some of the most truculent thrash you'll ever hear.

As anarchic as the entire package is, Coffinworm let a little space and light into their sound so as not to completely dull the listener's senses. But this music is still meant to antagonize, and it does so convincingly.

Hear "Start Saving for Your Funeral" from When All Became None (via Profound Lore):

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