Cities of Noise at Earth House, May 30 

Cities of Noise headlined a night of local music at the Earth House, one of that venue's first shows this summer.

Most local schools and colleges had released for summer and that was very obvious in looking at the dominantly younger crowd at the Earth House. Summer's heat was also felt in the non-air unconditioned room of 125 people. The heat did not take away from the venue's beauty and class however. All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with the Earth House.

The Cutouts opened the night with their with well-executed but repetitive pop-punk. Revenge of Giant Face, opened their set with a cover of Haddaway's one hit wonder, "What Is Love," following with acoustically driven originals and somewhat random covers (Float On by Modest Mouse, I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, Paparazzi by Lady Gaga).

Cities of Noise closed the night with a brilliant set of ambient indie rock. Each number from the band's four-song set was carefully constructed and featured intricate guitar layering. The band's long, epic pieces inspired a relaxed trance in the listener, broken only by a climax of beautifully constructed noise.

The band's final piece was its most notable. After a buildup, guitarist Robbie Jackson used an E-bow in addition to his usual layering tactics. At the song's peak, Jackson left his guitar layers ringing as he joined drummer Ben Archer, slamming a floor tom. The song ended with one more build-up, this time featuring a theremin. All this from a group of guys who just finished their sophomore year of high school.

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