Cindy Hinant with Greg Ajamie and Homeland Security: "Heart Attack" visual art review 

There's something obsessive about Hinant's pen and ink/colored pencil drawings in which she draws thousands of tiny heart symbols. These are the building blocks she uses to create images. If her drawings first strike you as mere doodling or monochromatic, take time to look more closely. "Airplane Love" portrays two airplanes converging in midair upon a fixed point while in the right corner you see the Homeland Security threat level color spectrum. Immediately evocative of Sept. 11, this drawing points towards consummation (Mohammad Atta probably saw his mission in such terms) as well as destruction. Hinant's collaboration with Ajamie and Homeland Security uses thousands of cutout paper hearts to create visual meditations on the human heart -- as a symbol and as a physical entity -- on a large scale. The collaboration you see as you enter the Big Car Gallery, spanning an entire wall, takes the form of an EKG reading. Through Aug. 21 by appointment; 317-450-6630,


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