Chilling out and relaxing 

The Colts on the town

The Colts on the town

I found two of the city’s heroes leaning up against a wall in Gator’s in Circle Centre, all alone late Monday night at that bar’s Colts rally. Montae Reagor and Marcus Washington, quiet and unassuming, kept to the sidelines at a party in their honor. The DJ was calling out, “The Colts are in the hoooouuussee!” but I don’t think even he knew where they were.
-Eric Goldman shows off a jersey that was signed for him by several members of the Colts.-
I must have made three circuits of the bar looking for them; only when someone asked Reagor to sign a jersey did I figure out who he was. Reagor was quiet, almost shy about his role; Washington enthusiastic and wrapped up in the music. “Do you get recognized a lot on the street?” I asked Reagor. “Yeah, most of the time,” he said softly. Both he and Washington seemed to be having a good time, chatting and shaking hands with everyone who approached them, but they were a bit distant. I can’t say I blame them; a glance at the headlines in Kansas City and Denver is all it takes to show how quickly a city that has doused itself in team colors can turn its back on its losers.
-Marcus Washington and Montae Reagor pair up.-

“I’m surprised at how laid back this is,” I said. “I kind of expected to be seeing people really crowd around you guys.” A glint appeared in Reagor’s eye. “Yeah? Well, just wait a few minutes, you’ll see the crowds.” Sure enough, when Edgerrin James and Reggie Wayne showed up, a nonstop stream of fans crowded around them. I asked James if I could take his photograph as he held court among his fans, but he demurred. “Nah, man, we’re just here tonight to chill out and relax.”

I wondered if anyone had told him there were press releases heralding his night of chilling out and relaxing, but there was a weariness in his manner that caused me to quiet down. The party carried on through the night, the crowd cheered for the team. But it seemed that the thoughts of four of the men carrying this city’s hopes and dreams were on New England and beyond.

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