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Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber like to get weird. They've also just embarked on their first headlining tour as the electronic-pop duo Cherub. Combine those and it's a recipe for disaster -- a beautiful disaster.

Cherub offers up-beat melodies, risqué lyrics and an overall sound that is hard to not get caught up on. Between playing large festivals across the country and small venues in local towns and continually making music, this duo is persistent about making great tunes and sharing them with their fans.

The group takes The Bluebird stage in Bloomington after openers ProbCause and Carousel.

All answers are by Kelley unless noted.

NUVO: How is performing at a small venue different than the big festival scene?

Cherub: The thing about playing at a music festival is you're playing in front of so many people; some are there because they know your music, some are there because they just happen to be there and are finding out about you for the first time and some are literally walking by and spending a couple of minutes with you.

At a venue show, everybody's there for the same reason, especially at a smaller more intimate venue. It's really fun, we get to make friends with everyone while were there.

NUVO: So a small venue is more like a family sitting down for dinner?

Cherub: Yeah, we arrange a huge range of venues, as far as size goes. We're stoked because we get to play rooms that are 1,200 to 1,500 cap rooms but we'll still play 400 to 500 cap rooms as well. At the end of the day, no matter how big a venue is, we still go out and try to kick it with everyone before the venue decides to kick everyone out. The size of the venue really doesn't matter. Smaller venues are more intimate, shoulder-to-shoulder, closer to the crowd and sweatier, much sweatier.

NUVO: A lot of large festivals on the to-do list this summer, most notably Bonaroo. How many kinds of weird are you guys going to be getting?

Cherub: All the colors in the crayon box dude, that's how weird I'm getting.

NUVO: Perfect answer.

Cherub: Normally I don't accept salmon as a color but I know in fact that is a color in the crayon box. I love the color but I would call it Cadillac pink, not salmon because salmon is a fish, but we'll even be getting salmon weird at Bonnaroo.

NUVO: Make your own crayon.

Cherub: One that smells like bacon.

Something about bacon crayons instantly made me hungry so I had to switch up the conversation.

NUVO: How did the viral hit "Doses and Mimosas" change the way your guys make music and the band as a whole?

Cherub: It hasn't changed the way we make music at all. It's like a catch-22 for us; we're stoked that the song is doing so well but it's been out for two years now so creatively we're almost in a different place than we were when we put that song out. We're stoked that one of our songs is finally getting recognition but we're on to new songs and it takes awhile to build up momentum for songs. It's the song that people are sharing the most and I think it's the gateway song into our catalog for a majority of people.

NUVO: So you kicked off the BLOWd Tour in your hometown of Nashville over the weekend. What are you looking forward to most during the tour?

Cherub: I'm looking forward to going on the road for an extended period of time and having our first headline tour. Just expanding on what people have already seen from us, from on-stage production to playing new songs. And we've basically doubled the time of our set. Just a whole bunch of cool new shit that Jason and I've been working on really hard.

NUVO: A bunch of new stuff for the fans?

Cherub: Yeah and I've got a new haircut. Trying to look and feel my best. I've got a workout regiment that I got from a personal trainer. I'm going to start working out in the hotel rooms that I'm in. I don't want to get swole but maybe like Zach Efron type. So I'm looking forward to a lot of things on the tour.

NUVO: Spring break body?

Cherub: I want that Spring Break body man. I want to be able to take my shirt off on stage.

NUVO: I checked you out on Vine and you might be getting Vine famous soon, what do you think?

Cherub: We never get any likes on Vine but we'd like to think that our Vines are funny. Usually Jason does concept vines and I'll do drunk vines and we like to think they're entertaining, people say they are, but we get three likes on each one.

NUVO: Describe your music to a fan that is just now starting to listen to your band.

Cherub: We have generally started to make it broad, feel good, pop music. People have a bad condensation with pop music because they think it's hollow, manufactured and corporate. But to me a pop song is catchy lyrics; catchy melodies and something that makes you feel some type of way.

It's feel good pop songs you don't feel bad singing along to. (Huber)


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