Celtic Woman: 'Isle of Hope Tour' 

Celtic Woman is Celtic lite. Most of the audience lapped up their adult contemporary performance (which features a dearth of Celtic material), going so far as to give spontaneous standing ovations to two songs, as well as the concert as a whole, Saturday night. Their material -- which delved into the obscure animated feature The Prince of Egypt, as well as Disney's Tarzan, Enya's ubiquitous "Orinoco Flow" (aka "Sail Away"), Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" and others -- was pretty, but mostly unoriginally presented. Their new song, "Isle of Hope," a story about a 15-year-old Irish immigrant landing at Ellis Island, is a lovely addition to their repertoire, however. But, whoever blocks and choreographs their concert is remarkably unimaginative -- if you can even call lining up single file, switching places and using simple repetitive arm movements "blocking" and "choreography." There were also surprisingly few costume changes. What does this have to do with their music, you ask? For $45-$68, I expect something visually as well as sonically entertaining. Otherwise, playing any of Celtic Woman's CDs on a good sound system would be a comparable experience. One outstanding aspect of the concert was watching the amazing Máiréad Nesbitt. She capered around the stage, fiddling like crazy and making amazing leaps, and never lost a tune. Also of note was the entire backing band, especially the two percussionists, who got to take center stage twice on bodhráns.


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