Carter is a patriot 

I read with great interest and amusement the Bush Administration’s attempt to deflect the criticism of former President Jimmy Carter. While Carter’s presidency had its successes and failures, the Bush presidency has been a total debacle from the economy, handling of the war on terror, the Iraqi war debacle to the tepid response to Hurricane Katrina.

Carter’s assessment and characterization of the Bush presidency has been right on target. Although history will be the final judge of the junior Bush era, the missteps, mishandling and outright bungling of this president cannot be ignored, despite the constant and impotent attempts to spin events to the contrary.  

As far as the war in Iraq, we are not any safer from terrorism; Iraq is disintegrating, there is no spread of democracy in the region. This war has all but destroyed the good will and relations the U.S. had built with its European allies. No president in recent memory is as poorly regarded as George W. Bush in Europe.

While President Carter may not have had a stellar presidency, he was honest and forthright with the American people and definitely in much higher standing with the allies Bush has alienated.  

The most recent White House criticism of Carter describes him as irrelevant. What is truly irrelevant is an administration that is arrogant, in denial and totally unresponsive to the will and welfare of the American people. Jimmy Carter, in my view, is a patriot for exercising his First Amendment rights in speaking out against the obvious. He has articulated what many are thinking.

It is time for the American people to see the current administration for what it is. It is what it is.

Millard Tyrone Sprinkles

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