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The election this year is cluttered with facts and fakes, accusations and promises. In the 7th Congressional District race between Republican candidate Carlos May and Democrat incumbent AndrŽ Carson there has been confusion by residents over redistricting — which happens every 10 years – in which the Republican-controlled state legislature's redistricting plans were thought to make certain areas friendlier for GOP candidates.

Added to that confusion is an alleged instance of political misrepresentation connected to the campaign of Carson. May, a fifth-generation Hoosier running for the 7th District seat against Carson, had his positions misrepresented on a handful of fake websites that included incorrect or incomplete versions of May's values and platform promises. When May's campaign searched a URL registry to see who held the domain for sites such as and, they found Wilson Allen of 1146 Tecumseh St. in Indianapolis as the registered domain holder. In campaign expenses released by Carson to the Federal Election Commission, Allen was paid five times for a total of $4,000 between September 2011 and September 2012 for photography, outreach and constituent services.

click to enlarge The compensation for Wilson Allen listed in Andre Carson's campaign funding breakdown.
  • The compensation for Wilson Allen listed in Andre Carson's campaign funding breakdown.

According to the Federal Election Commission's campaign laws regarding fraudulent misrepresentation of campaign authority:

"No person who is a candidate for Federal office or an employee or agent of such a candidate shall É fraudulently misrepresent himself or any committee or organization under his control as speaking or writing or otherwise acting for or on behalf of any other candidate or political party or employee or agent thereof on a matter which is damaging to such other candidate or political party or employee or agent thereof."

The situation is reminiscent of the rumors circulating during the 2010 primary that May was an illegal alien. More recently, his Facebook profile stated on Nov. 1 that the campaign's real website,, was "hacked" and temporarily shut down.May does not accuse Carson of supplying or creating the false websites, the hacking, or the rumors. But he insists that a connection between the congressman and Allen exists and the misrepresentation should be acknowledged.

"If I were in (Carson's) shoes I'd chastise and fire the guy. It's a disservice to the people," May said.

In a media conference on Monday, Nov. 5, May told NUVO that he felt Carson has been working to falsely define May so that Carson would not have to discuss his own stances. May, the former director of Latino affairs for Mayor Greg Ballard, cites the "constituent services" portion of Carson's payments to Allen as a possible misuse of taxpayer money. Earlier this year, May's campaign office had challenged Carson to debates in each township within the district, 10 in total. Carson never responded. Carson declined when third party groups invited the candidates to have a discourse on the issues.

Carson was seeking his third full term in office in the district that his grandmother, the late Julia Carson, represented.Swamped on the eve of the election, Carson's campaign representatives chose not to respond to any questions submitted via email until they had time to process the evidence suggesting an injustice had been perpetrated.

click to enlarge A screenshot of one of the many websites in question. - THE CARLOS MAY CAMPAIGN
  • A screenshot of one of the many websites in question.
  • The Carlos May Campaign


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