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Are You Being Served Buck Creek Players Directed by Steven Cole Johnson Through Oct. 9 First of all, you must keep in mind that Are You Being Served? is a play based on a British sit-com. If you are not familiar with British sit-coms, they are, well, much more inane comedy-wise than what we have over here (and that is saying a lot). Toilet humor, lots of sexual innuendo, no actual substance or story. And this isn't Monty Python. Python is high art compared to most British TV.
Jeffrey Reeves and Linnea Leatherman in 'Are You Being Served?' at Buck Creek Players
That said, Buck Creek Players does a fairly spot-on job of re-creating a British comedy. Although not a viewer of this particular show, I have absorbed enough mainstream British TV fare (The Young Ones, Black Adder) to know that this production hits all the right notes: Situations are silly, actors are slightly stiff, nothing makes sense and there is no discernable plot arc. From what is supposed to be a fairly upscale department store to a "holiday" in Spain, the cast takes us nowhere fast but chocks the time full of quirky jokes. Whether you enjoy the ride or not will depend entirely on what you consider "funny." If lowbrow humor is your thing, you will laugh your knickers off. The cast is fine, and each member maintains a serviceable British accent. The one actor who stands out, however, is Jeffrey Reeves as the flamboyantly gay Mr. Humphries. Believability, comfort in the role and a more genuine performance - not as British but more engaging for us Americans. Are You Being Served? continues through Oct. 9 at Buck Creek Players, 11150 Southeastern Ave. Tickets are $13, $11 students/seniors. Call 862-2270 for reservations. Check out for information.

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