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NUVO wins 17 SPJ awards
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NUVO wins 17 SPJ awards

The annual Society of Professional Journalism’s statewide contest of journalistic excellence netted NUVO 17 awards, the same amount of accolades as last year. The awards were presented in a ceremony on Friday, April 29 at the Indianapolis Marriott North, in a gathering comprised of television, radio and print journalists. The event was once again elevated to a high art by keynote speaker and Indy Men’s Magazine Editor in Chief Lou Harry.

Congratulations to all the winners: A first place award went to Mary Lee Pappas, whose story, “Blood Sport,” revealed the world of fight dogs. In fact, NUVO swept this important category of Investigative Reporting, with second place going to Laura McPhee (“Whistleblower”) and third place to Dale Lawrence (“Busting Berry’s Music”).

First place for Best Critique/Review went to David Hoppe. Hoppe has won this category three times in the last four years. NUVO swept this category as well with classical music critic Tom Aldridge winning second place and cuisine critic Terry Kirts nabbing a third.

First Place in Sports Reporting went to David Alan Beck for his story “Golden Gloves.”

Our other first place award, in the category of Personality Profile, went to Matthew Sledge’s “Christian and Gay.” Sledge served as a NUVO intern last summer and, having concluded his first year of college, is slated to return to our office this month. Second place in this category was awarded to Steve Hammer for his profile of local rocker Otis Gibbs.

Tim Burris won a third place in the category of Non-Deadline Reporting for his story “Financial Disclosure.”

A second place award in Consumer Reporting was given to Jim Walker for his cover story “Outside the Box,” an honor noteworthy for the fact that his story was competing with all publications in the state with a circulation of over 40,000. Same goes for Emily Benfer’s “Shaking a Cup,” which won in the Social Justice category for all publications in the state with a circulation of over 40,000.

In the category of Best Editorial Cartoon, Wayne Bertsch won a third place in a category otherwise annually swept by The Star’s Gary Varvel.

In design categories, Jason Pitman won a second place in the category of Layout/Design, Page One for his design of “Vote.” In the category of Layout/Design Other Than Page One, Melissa Carter received a second place award (“In Her Own Words”) while Jayson Teig won third for “Golden Gloves.” In the category of Informational Graphics, Mike Fox won a third place for “Humane Society Financial.”

Finally, this awards-related note: NUVO’s David Hoppe and Jim Walker have both been awarded Creative Renewal Fellowships by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Fifty of these $7,500 fellowships are awarded every two years to artists and arts administrators.

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