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The annual Society o

The annual Society of Professional Journalism’s annual statewide contest of journalistic excellence netted NUVO 17 awards, including seven first-place finishes. The awards were presented in a ceremony last Friday night at the Indianapolis Athletic Club, in a gathering comprised of television, radio and print journalists.

The event was elevated by this year’s keynote speaker, Indy Men’s Magazine Editor in Chief Lou Harry. Harry calls himself a former stand-up comedian. Truth is, he still is, and his speech was a scathing send-up of local media. He’ll be a hard act to follow.

Congrats to all the winners:

First place: Karen Hawkins, deadline reporting, “Running Out of Time”

First place: Becky Oberg, feature writing, “Full Metal Straightjacket”

Third place: David Hoppe, feature writing, “A Stone of the Heart”

Third place: Mary Lee Pappas, non-deadline reporting, “Feral Felines: Managing Indy’s Cat Overpopulation”

First place: Jack Miller, investigative reporting, “Troubled Water”

Second place: Jim Poyser, headline writing, features

First place: Ed Johnson-Ott, critique/review writing

Third place: David Hoppe, critique / review writing

First place: Jeff Reed and Wayne Bertsch, personality profile, “Swingin’ Sisters”

Second place: Molly Martin, medical/science reporting, “On My Knees: Confessions of a Bulimic”

Third place: Fran Quigley, minority issues, “No Longer Business as Usual”

Second place: Steve Carr, education reporting, “Self Driven”

First place: Mike Fox, layout, page one, “Overclockers”

Second place: Jayson Teig, layout, page one, “Revolution — Margaret Cho”

Third place: Andy Fry, layout, page one, “Full Metal Straightjacket”

First place: Jason Pitman, layout other than page one, “Chris Shaffer Moves On”

Second place: Andy Fry, layout other than page one, “Blueprint to End Homelessness”

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