Book review: "WTF? College" 

WTF? College: How to Survive 101 of Campus's Worst F*#!-ing Situations

By Gregory Bergman and Jodi Miller

Adams Media; $9.95

Writers Gregory Bergman and Jodi Miller once again bring their audience a pocket-sized book full of wisdom, humor and fun, which they named, WTF? College: How to Survive 101 of Campus's Worst F*#!-ing Situations. As the title indicates, in this book, Bergman and Miller advise students how to deal with the worst situations that they may encounter.

In ten chapters, the book covers 101 college-related issues, from dorm life and class meetings to parties and graduation. Bergman and Miller tell students, for example, how to react when they get drunk and caught by the police, or what to do when their roommates eat all of their food. And within each situation, they give several options that readers can choose from to solve the problem.

The book is a self-guidance book, but at the same time, a satirical one. I carried this small book with me for days. I read it, I laughed and I loved it. But I also know that I would never follow up on some of the suggestions that the book offered to me. For example, I know I would never "Call in a Bomb Threat" or "Blow up the Building" to cancel a mid-term test.

WTF? College is worth reading - for fun, for a moment's relief from college stress or for helping people recall those good ol' days they had while they were in college.

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