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Lewis Black, America's self-appointed "foremost commentator on everything," is one of several boats currently riding the high tide of Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His hard-rocking, weekly venom-dump "Back in Black" is a spittle spewing lava flow of political commentary where the only things toned down are the ready for prime time (cable) epithets. With his tie pulled askew and his arms convulsing in spasmodic shivers, Black unleashes aneurism-surfing tirades like Rickey Shroeder spills tears. Imagine Dennis Miller lost his thesaurus and developed an anger management issue and you're in the ballpark. "I was angry," Black recently told the Boston Globe. "What took me a long time was to play the anger rather than be angry." A graduate of the Yale school of drama, Black has written over 40 plays, and his standup set is infused with the intellectual bent and scathing disdain for authority that was the peanut butter and jelly for Bruce and Carlin and Hicks and any of the great comics whose stock and trade was social commentary. Which isn't to say Black is great - his set covers health clubs and weather - but he is pretty damn funny. Lewis Black is appearing at the Murat Egyptian Room (501 N. New Jersey) Friday, Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. Tickets, available at the Murat Centre box office or through Ticketmaster, are going for $33.50. Call 231-0000 for more information.

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