Best of Indy winner Jambox talks gear, beer and 100,000 watts of Rush covers 

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As open-wheel race cars drove down Main Street, I had the pleasure of meeting the gentlemen from local cover band Jambox at Daredevil Brewing in Speedway. Over multiple pints of Vacation, Eric Rozens, Ritchie Wilkison and Rusty Scutt discussed the gear they use to recreate some timeless rock classics.

Jambox took top honors in NUVO's Best of Indy in the Best Cover Band category. We're celebrating all of our winners on Thursday with a party at Crane Bay. 

NUVO: What’s the guitar rig like?

Wilkison: I still use a Marshall cabinet on stage, if it’s a bigger stage I use another one… up to four. I use a 2000 Line 6 Flextone Tubetone. I run a little of my cabinet just to hear, but we built my sound to go to our soundman, Mike Chamblain. Anyone else can hook up to that amp but they won’t sound like me. I like the older ones because it helps me cut down on my pedal board.

NUVO: Is there a favorite amp model that you use?

Wilkison: I would have to say the British Hi-watt. I use another pedal but it’s a secret… it stays on all the time.

NUVO: Do you have a favorite guitar?

Wilkison: It’s a 1978 Dean hard tail reissue. It’s a V. It’s coil tapped with Seymour Duncans. I like the Pearly Gates.

NUVO: What’s the drum kit like?

Scutt: My big kit is a Ludwig maple, two 26” kicks. I’m primarily using this Yamaha recording kit; it’s birch. Sennheiser 604’s [microphones] around the toms. I’m using internal [AKG] D112’s in my kicks. I built all the mounts myself.

Wilkison: He’s got a V-drum kit. He has two endorsements.

Scutt: Vic Firth and Sabian. My Sabian and Vic Firth people have been with me for years.

NUVO: Do you ever mix the acoustic and electric drums?

Scutt: I have a Roland brain and a DrumKat; it has ten pads on it.

NUVO: What can you tell me about Jeff Ellison’s bass rig?

Wilkison: He has four SVT 4x10 [cabinets], the big ones. His sound is based primarily off of Ampeg.

Scutt: He’s got his own power amp rack, with eq’s and stuff. It’s all tricked out.

Wilkison: He also plays an ’83 Spector bass. It’s an industry standard tone. He uses a 4 string and a 5. He has a bubinga wood 5 string.

Scutt: The Spector is a 4 string.

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NUVO: Can you describe Dave Lucid’s keyboard rig?

Rozens: Two boards… A Yamaha MOX8 and Roland FA-08.

Wilkison: He’s got a bunch of keyboards. [Dave] is brilliant. We bring a riser… he needs to be seen. His eyes will be shut and he’s playing two keyboards.

NUVO: Are you bringing your own PA system to gigs?

Scutt: I own a sound company…

Rozens: R&R Sound…

Scutt: We’re using all Crown power. A lot of guys are using the [Behringer] X32 consoles. We’re using those or the Midas M32’s; both great boards. We’re primarily using in-ear [monitors]. PM-900 Shure, SE-535’s with three-way drivers… everyone’s using molds. That just makes the difference.

NUVO: Did you get the in-ear molds done locally?

Scutt: I went out to an audiologist in Danville. You just have to make sure when they send off the impressions they’re getting them made for whatever bud you’ve got.

Wilkison: We’re definitely of a new school and all the primary instruments, except for the drum set, run direct.

NUVO: What are you using for vocal gear?

Rozens: [Scutt] just bought me a badass wireless rig; a brand new Shure QLX-D4. It’s solid as hell. There’s some built in effects in the X32, but what I’ve learned from these guys, with this quality of sound, you don’t need a lot of effects; small amount of reverb, small amount of delay.

Scutt: It’s the 58 Beta [microphone].

NUVO: With the in ear monitors do you feel disconnected from the audience?

Rozens: Even though I’ve got the molds, I can hear around them. The crowd will get so loud I can hear ‘em.

Scutt: I have overheads on my kit that get pumped into everybody’s ears just for that.

NUVO: Now how much power are you running? In jigowatts, preferably?

Wilkison: 1.21.

Scutt: Depending on what size of club… I have amp racks for one bottom and one top a side. If I need 4 bottoms and 4 tops a side, I’ve got two amp racks for that. Like at Military Park we can run over 100,000 watts.

Rozens: Wow, even the Sammy Hagar song “Heavy Metal” only mentions 50,000 watts.

Scutt: The bar rig that we’re playing on is the JBL SR series 2x12’s with a 2” horn and a 1” butt driver. It’ll move some air. The drive rack consists of DBX 4800 crossover, Klark Technic third octave eq’s, dbx compressors… all stereo. 


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