Bernie Sanders pulls out a Hoosier win 

Clinton still holds delegate lead

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  • Mark A. Lee
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was prepared for a loss, but I’m sure the reality stung.

It took most of the night, but with 80 percent of the votes counted, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) was announced the projected winner of the Democratic primary in Indiana.

At the beginning of the vote count Clinton has a narrow lead. The polls were closed all of three minutes before Donald Trump was announced the winner, but that is about the time the nail biting began for Democrats. After 2 hours the votes between the Democratic candidates began to shift from a marginal lead in Clinton’s favor to a Sanders victory.

Sanders was in Louisville, Kentucky for a rally and fundraiser, but cross the bridge to New Albany, Indiana to address voters and the press.

"I sense a great deal of momentum," said Sanders. "I think that while the path is narrow — and I do not deny that for a moment — I think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the United States."

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Currently, Clinton still has a strong delegate lead over Sanders, which is the narrow path he mentioned in his comments. And there is a national assumption — including the presumptive nominee Donald Trump — that Clinton will eventually get all of the delegates needed to secure the nomination before the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

But Sanders hopes to continue his momentum as the race continues on in West Virginia and Kentucky over the next two weeks.


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