Battle of Birdy's round one, week five 

Birdy’s Bar & Grill
Friday, May 25

“Betty Blowtorch meets Butthole Surfers” were the first words out of Melonshe’s mouth when we first heard Coinslot’s rocking performance. And, well, yeah, Bloomington’s Coinslot did kind of fit that description, albeit with a trombone and the attendant ska baggage. Lead vocalist Jes rocked the stage like a romping, stomping devil child and the band behind her wasn’t afraid to get a little out of control. They were easily the best band playing Friday night at an early round of the Battle of Birdy’s. But, as is often the problem at these popular vote-driven events, the best band doesn’t always win. They got fourth place instead.

The winner, Jascha, had a more local crowd to help sway votes, but the music was Conor Oberst-lite and yet, this was the second best band of the night. The rest, from the generic snooze rock of the Giggles (second place) to the formless metal of MG-42 and last place finishers Giant’s Unknown was enough to make me want to die a little inside.

Luckily, we bungled into Locals Only in time to catch Hustler. A polar opposite from the dead malaise we had just left at Birdy’s, the bar was packed, the faces were familiar and the buzz was King Duece. But the show was Greg Brenner’s, who had apparently lost a battle to a bottle of scotch. Still, the Vodka De Milo vocalist was 10 times more rocking then any of the bands at the Battle. So, yeah my vote went to Vodka De Milo.

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