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Dear Lou, I need your help with a temporary sex problem. I was in a minor car accident recently, an

Dear Lou,

I need your help with a temporary sex problem. I was in a minor car accident recently, and I don’t have any serious injuries, but my back and neck are still sore. Mostly, it’s my lower back, but I’ve been examined and I should be fine in a few weeks because it’s nothing worse than pulled muscles from tensing up. Oh, I guess I should mention I’m female, otherwise this problem would be easily solved, duh! Anyway, sex is the issue, obviously. I still want to have sex, but honestly, lying on my back with my boyfriend on top of me is uncomfortable, and doing it while spooning isn’t any fun for either of us, it just doesn’t work. Anything you can recommend we do until I feel better would be great. Thanks!

On The Mend

Dear OTM,

I’m assuming you’ve been cleared for sexual/physical activity, since you’ve obviously sought medical attention. That being said, try this position. This is a little trick I like just for its own sake sometimes, and often it’s great for when you want to have sex but you’re tired as hell. But I think this might be what you need to tide you over while you recover. Lie on your back with your knees bent toward your chest and have your man lie on his side, facing you but below you, making a “T.” As he enters you, you can either hold your knees, rest your legs on his body or slide one leg between his. This should take the pressure off your back without having to deal with your own or his body weight. Plus, this gives back what I suppose “spooning” sex takes away; you still have eye contact with each other and relatively easy access to each other’s goodies. Huzzah!!! May your recovery be quick and complete, and may this be the worst problem you have for a loooooong time.

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