Ask a Brewer...with TwoDEEP's Austin Elsbury 

click to enlarge "I love my 1/16 barrel. I will love him and squeeze him and name him George."
  • "I love my 1/16 barrel. I will love him and squeeze him and name him George."
Question: I’d like to build a mini kegerator and put wheels on the bottom, so my beer becomes mobile. What do you think I’m looking at as far as costs, and do you have any good resources for DIY instructions?

Austin Elsbury: Depending on size and number of lines I bet you could get it done for a few hundred bucks if you’re going for quality. You could also find yourself a little dolly cart and haul around a keg in a trashcan with a picnic tap and get it done for about twenty bucks. The latter is definitely more my style, but hey, I’m a simple guy.

Question: I want to start going to Renaissance faires. Like, in full costume and stuff. I want to post photos on social media, but then there will be a record of the fact that I do this. Am I right to feel the urge to hide this like a dark, dirty secret? Or should I be “out” with my ultra-nerdiness?

Elsbury: Own that shit. I’m pretty sure they serve mead at those things so there is nothing to be ashamed of. I would dress up as a knight to drink some New Day, that’s for damn sure.

Question: Two-part question here: Yes or no on milk in your scrambled eggs? And floppy bacon or crispy bacon?

Elsbury: Yes. When discussing breakfast foods the most important question to ask yourself is “What Would Ron Swanson Do?” So although I would prefer no milk and my bacon crispy, I’m happy with saying just give me all the eggs and bacon that you have.


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