Ask A Brewer... with Danny Boy's Derek Herring 

click to enlarge Danny Boy's Dustin Brown and Derek Herring
  • Danny Boy's Dustin Brown and Derek Herring

The fine folks at Carmel's Danny Boy Beer Works turn out not only an impressive lineup of brews, but a killer pub menu to boot. We caught up with one of their brewers, Derek Herring, and he had a few words to say about everything from spicy beer, pranks and movie sequels. Take it away, Derek!

Question: What are you supposed to drink spicy beer with? Is it meant to just be tasted? Seems like it does the opposite of what beer is supposed to do.

Derek Herring: I usually do not drink spicy or pepper infused beers because I do not enjoy spicy drinks in general. With that said, I would pair a spicy beer with a mild cheese, multigrain crackers, and a good Irish whiskey. A good medium rare New York strip also goes well with anything in my opinion.

Question: I have a friend who really likes scaring people. It's super fucking annoying. How do I prank him so bad that he never, ever pulls that crap ever again?

Herring: I would fill a chocolate box with live crickets and give it to the friend in their house. When they drop the box, the crickets scatter and then they can't sleep because the crickets are chirping all night. Second prank would be to buy a cake, put candles on it, and then smash their face in the cake when they go to blow out the candles.

Question: What's the worst movie sequel of all time, according you?

Herring: The worst sequel I've ever seen is Caddyshack II. It had so much hype and delivered so little. I also did not care for the latest Indiana Jones movie.


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