Asante Children's Theatre: "Who's Loving You Now?" show review 

A powerful script and raw energy make this a must-see production. Written by Deborah Asante, Kila Adams and Terrance Asante-Doyle, Who's Loving You Now? addresses contemporary issues in the vernacular of the people dealing with them: young adults, pre-teens, parents, caregivers, teachers, the media. Twelve scenes spotlight and interweave individuals in realistic situations. The realities - society does not make it easy to be a responsible individual with pride in selfhood; our actions most often are the source for stereotyping; saying, "I'm sorry," is an act of love; cheating is such an ingrained way of life it seems normal; mob mentality is as harmful within the black community as it is from outside. I was gripped by the parallel outcomes between this play's "Strange Love" and "Strange Fruit." Humor lends relief and knowing that the playwrights, actors and technical team have risen above the depicted events saves you from screaming into the night. There is hope someone will put manifestors of low esteem, drug pushers, gang leaders and others of such ilk out of business. The play makes it clear that the glorification of casual sex is not an accepted or acceptable family or personal value. The challenge for reaching young adults remains. This production is worthy of touring to every school, church and community center. Everyone involved should feel proud. Through June 27; 317-297-0020,

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